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Popular Online Summer Courses

Though short-lived, summer has the potential to offer a wide range of academic and non-academic learning opportunities to high school students. From taking an online summer course to volunteering, if planned properly summer can be a fun and productive time.

  • Grade 9 Students: Prospective Grade 9 students may benefit from reaching ahead, finishing their first high school course over summer. Grade 9 Geography can be one of the possible courses for reaching ahead. For one, it is a compulsory credit course so it is required for completion of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). For the other, Geography Grade 9 (Academic or Applied) is a fun and interesting subject. It is not too challenging which makes it a great candidate for an online summer course.
  • Grade 10 Students: Popular Grade 10 courses for an online summer school are often the half credit courses of Civics and Citizenship (CHV2O) and Career Studies (GLC2O) or the full credit course of History (CHC2D). All the three mentioned courses are compulsory so once more completing them ahead of time is a great investment towards completion of the OSSD. By completing one credit in summer, Grade 10 students will have more time to invest in course or courses that require more of their attention and effort during the academic year.
  • Grade 11 Students: After two years of high school, Grade 11 students had a fair opportunity to develop a good understanding of their academic strengths and interests. At this stage, they might even have formed a few ideas about the academic or career pathway they might be interested in pursuing after their high school graduation. With this knowledge, Grade 11 students begin choosing a combination of college, university, mixed level, workplace and open courses. Depending on their academic strengths and ambition, Grade 11 students may benefit from completing a compulsory course such as English or Mathematics, or aim for an elective course such as French.
  • Grade 12 Students: The last year of high school can be a stressful time for students especially for those who hope to earn college/university admission. The majority of post-secondary institutions require students to have 6 Grade 12 courses with a specific combination of U, C, and M level courses. Students, whose program of choice requires senior mathematics courses, can complete Advanced Functions as an online summer course and enroll in the Calculus and Vectors course during the main academic year. Another popular Grade 12 course is English which is also one of the last compulsory courses and a requirement for all college/university admissions.

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