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Individual Education Plan

Individual Education Plan (IEP) Accommodations

What is an Individual Education Plan (IEP)?

An IEP Accommodations is a unique written plan and working document that:

  • defines an appropriate special education curriculum and/or services that a certain student needs, as determined by an evaluation of the student’s abilities and requirements
  • identifies the adjustments that must be made for the student to meet the learning objectives
  • outlines teaching and evaluation techniques for meeting modified and/or alternate expectations

How does an IEP work for us at Brightminds (IEP Accommodations)

  • Our courses allow for self-paced learning where students are not pressured to complete the course within a certain period. Students are more than welcome to study at their own pace.
  • For courses that require an exam, IEP students are permitted extra time and accommodations when writing their exam. This provides a second learning opportunity to absorb and understand the course material. Through this process, students will gain more knowledge on the subject and better prepare for future examinations and professional development. 
  • All courses include teacher support as well as help with assignments when needed. Students can always set up a meeting time with their teachers to get help on their work.
IEP Accommodations