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SUMMER CAMP for Kids! Register Now! ??This interactive live session covers numerous topics and life skills, such as English and

Workshops and Bootcamps

COVID-19 has made it very difficult for many students. Brightminds Online School is pleased to announce that we will be conducting free virtual classes for students from K-12. These virtual classes will focus on a variety of subjects (language, science, math, and French) to not only help students enrich their knowledge and skills, but also give them a platform to interact with their peers to regain the sense of community.

Grade 1-8 courses available

Grade 1-8 courses availableļ¼ Now we offering more than 100 courses. We offer English, French, Math, Science and Technology, History,

Job Interview Tips for High School Students & Graduates

  No matter what career path you want to take, you will eventually have to sit in front of a