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Virtual Live Classes

As COVID-19 marks its one year anniversary, the stress and anxiety have significantly increased among students of all ages. To help cope with the lack of social interactions, motivation to learn, and resources available to them, Brightminds Online School is now offering workshops and clubs for students to join. All of our workshops and clubs

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To rebuild the sense of school community from COVID-19 and its variants, Brightminds Online School will be offering live classes for students. These classes are targeted to strengthen students’ motivation to learn in a home setting, applying the knowledge of the course content to real life situations, and regain the social interaction amongst their peers.

Free Virtual Classes

Brightminds Online School is delighted to report that we will be running free pre-summer workshops for students for high school students. These virtual classes are open to all students! Classes will begin from April 2021 and conducted by our OCT teachers, where they have designed the program with fun activities and motivational strategies allowing students

New Live Sessions

COVID-19 has made it very difficult for many students. Brightminds Online School is pleased to announce that we will be conducting free virtual classes for students from K-12. These virtual classes will focus on a variety of subjects (language, science, math, and French) to not only help students enrich their knowledge and skills, but also give them a platform to interact with their peers to regain the sense of community.
Students will get weekly goals and tips to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses to become a well-rounded student.
These virtual classes will be conducted by our OCT teachers, where they have designed the program with fun activities and motivational strategies allowing students the opportunities to build confidence in their learning. The activities are geared towards students building habits and mindsets for learning, and participate during these virtual classes, preparing for success in their regular school’s class.

Live Session Review

On March 10 we held our very first live session for K-3 students exploring animals under the sea with Ms. Chan. We want to thank all the students who participated and made it a success!

Free Live Session

**Limited time offer** We are offering free live sessions for everyone to join and enrich their academic skills in English, math, and science. These lessons will be conducted by OCT teachers, offering insightful strategies and tips to flourish your child’s skills and confidence. Click the link below to review! Free Live Session

Fast Track Courses

Fast track courses are geared toward students that need to complete a course in a short time frame. This can be for a university or college admissions deadline, to complete a prerequisite course or to suit a personal time constraint. The course is the same amount of hours (110) and course content but it is

Co-Op Experience

Have you been wondering whether you should enroll in a co-op program in high school to explore what your future career should be? With an endless list of benefits related to academic and “real world” skill development, a co-op program is definitely worthwhile. If you are curious about it, make an appointment with your guidance