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Science, Grade 5

Science, Grade 5

Course Info

Course Name: Science
Grade: Grade 5
Course Format: In-Person / Online
Tuition Fee: $399.00$1,500.00

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Course Overview

For the first unit, students will analyze the human body, exploring the different systems (respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, and nervous system). In the second unit students will familiarize themselves with the types of forces and their impacts on our environment. Then students will be introduced to the properties of matter.  For the last unit, various forms of energy will be explored on Earth. 

Course Outline

Unit 1 Understanding Human Organ Systems
Unit 2 Understanding Structures and Mechanisms
Unit 3 Understanding Matter and Energy
Unit 4 Understanding Earth and Space Systems

Curriculum Expectations

A. STEM Skills and Connections
B. Life Systems
C. Matter and Energy
D. Structures and Mechanisms
E. Earth and Space Systems

Course Evaluation