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BrightMinds Online School is a multicultural, eco-friendly, credited online high school that offers a wide range of applied and academic level courses - grades 9-12. BrightMinds offers an inviting atmosphere which is ideal for creative, self-motivated students who learn at their own pace and whose educational needs might not have been met through the mainstream educational channels. Our students graduate with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) once they have completed all the requirements. BrightMinds also supports students with special needs and we are committed to the learning success of all of our students.

About Us
Earn Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) At Your Own Pace

Our Philosophy

BrightMinds Online School embraces relevant curriculum, equity of access and opportunity, and accountability in a nurturing, engaging, and safe school environment. We believe that every child can learn and achieve success when supported in an inclusive, equitable, caring environment in partnership with home and community. BrightMinds Online School offers students an alternative to complete their high school courses and successfully achieve their OSSD. Our goal is to support our students and families whose educational needs might not be readily met through the mainstream education channels. Our program gives students the freedom to learn at their own pace, to study in accordance with their schedule, availability and ability and to earn their course from any location and time zone of their choice. We offer quality content in a safe, family-friendly online environment. Our courses emphasize the development of skills that prepare young learners for future success.
    ✓ Self-paced interactive online courses
    ✓ Video-based lessons taught by some of Ontario’s greatest teachers
    ✓ Freedom to study from any location all over the world
    ✓A student from a rural community who is interested in a niche course such as Fashion (HNB4M) that is not offered in his/her homeschool may now pursue his/her dream through our online courses
    ✓ Enroll any day of the year
    ✓ Complete course online
    ✓ Access 24/7, 365 days a year

About Us


- An athlete student with an intense training schedule may benefit from taking an online course that is accessible 24/7;
- An ESL student who requires additional time to understand and process the course content may benefit from the self-paced approach of an online course;
- A family who travels frequently and wishes for their children to continue with the Ontario Secondary studies may benefit from accessing the online course content from any location and any time zone;
- A student from a rural community who is interested in a niche course such as Fashion (HNB4M) that is not offered in his/her homeschool may now pursue his/her dream through online studies;
- A Grade 8 student who has the ability to “Reach Ahead” may now do so online;
- A student whose physical or mental ability hinders regular school attendance may benefit from studying from a more comfortable study environment.

About Us

Brightminds Online High School Courses

Our courses are well developed and we offer courses:
    - Supporting different learning styles and preferences
    - Helping students become a more independent learner
    - Meeting the Ontario Secondary Curriculum expectations as well as the policies and expectations of Growing Success
    - Helping students become more computer literate
    - Helping students develop life skills such as time management and communication
    - Connecting course content to real-life applications.
Over 90% of our graduates attend university, including top schools like U of T, Waterloo, MacMasters, and Queens. A high number of our graduates are Ontario Scholars and many receive scholarships/bursaries.

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About Us