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Within the first two weeks of each semester, you have the opportunity to transfer from one course to another as long as you have the required prerequisite for the destination course.
Tuition Fee: $50.00
This option is for ESL and mature students. For ESL students, they will need to take the English assessment test, to see which ESL level they will be placed in.  For mature students (without any transcripts), they will need to take the math, English, and science assessment test to determine their credit…
Tuition Fee: $150.00
Students from outside the province who wish to transfer to a public or private secondary school in Ontario have the option to submit their academic documents (such as transcripts, report cards, certificates, etc.) to BrightMinds Online School for PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition).…
Tuition Fee: $150.00
Here at BrightMinds we provide personalized one-to-one tutoring for your child to help guide them in comprehending the course content at hand. Our OCT teachers are here  to not only go over the fundamentals, but help them advance their knowledge.
Tuition Fee: $60.00$1,400.00