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Geography, Grade 8

Course Info

Course Name: Geography
Grade: Grade 8
Course Format: In-Person / Online
Tuition Fee: $399.00$1,500.00

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Course Overview

At BrightMinds Online School, the geography program introduces students to the geographic inquiry process and provides students with opportunities to investigate the places that make up the world around them, analyze how people and environments around the globe affect one another, and develop their ability to become environmentally responsible citizens. Students will develop a way of thinking about geography through the application of the concepts of geographic thinking. They will develop their spatial skills as they learn to analyze information and data obtained from diverse sources.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Global Settlements: Patterns and Sustainability
Unit 2: Global Inequalities: Economic Development and Quality of Life

Curriculum Expectations

A. Global Settlement: Patterns and Sustainability
B. Global Inequalities: Economic Development and Quality of Life

Course Evaluation