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BAF3M: Financial Accounting Fundamentals, Grade 11, University/College Preparation

Course Info

Course Name: Financial Accounting Fundamentals
Course Code: BAF3M
Grade: Grade 11
Course Type: University/College Preparation Courses
Course Format: Online
Credit Value: 1.0
Course Duration: 110 Hours
Tuition Fee: $399.00$1,500.00

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Course Overview

This course introduces students to the fundamental principles and procedures of accounting. Students will develop financial analysis and decision-making skills that will assist them in future studies and/or career opportunities in business. Students will acquire an understanding of accounting for a service and a merchandising business, computerized accounting, financial analysis, and ethics and current issues in accounting.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Fundamental Accounting
Unit 2: Advanced Accounting Practices
Unit 3: Internal Control, Financial Analysis, and Decision Making
Unit 4: Ethics, Technology, and Careers

Curriculum Expectations

Fundamental Accounting Practices
• describe the discipline of accounting and its importance for business;
• describe the differences among the various forms of business organization;
• demonstrate an understanding of the basic procedures and principles of the accounting cycle for a service business.

Advanced Accounting Practices
• demonstrate an understanding of the procedures and principles of the accounting cycle for a merchandising business;
• demonstrate an understanding of the accounting practices for sales tax;
• apply accounting practices in a computerized environment.

Internal Control, Financial Analysis, and Decision Making
• demonstrate an understanding of internal control procedures in the financial management of a business;
• evaluate the financial status of a business by analysing performance measures and financial statements;
• explain how accounting information is used in decision making.

Ethics, Impact of Technology, and Careers
• assess the role of ethics in, and the impact of current issues on, the practice of accounting;
• assess the impact of technology on the accounting functions in business;
• describe professional accounting designations and career opportunities.

Course Evaluation

Unit Test
Discussion Questions
Audio Podcast