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History, Grade 8

Course Info

Course Name: History
Grade: Grade 8
Course Format: In-Person / Online
Tuition Fee: $399.00$1,500.00

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Course Overview

History involves the study of diverse individuals, groups, and institutions as well as significant events, developments, and issues in the past. At BrightMinds Online School, the Grade 7 and 8 history program provides students with an overview of Canadian history, from pivotal events in colonial North America during the early eighteenth century to issues facing a young nation on the eve of World War I. It conveys a sense of the dynamic nature of Canada and of its interconnections with other parts of the world. Students learn that Canada has many stories and that each one is significant and requires thoughtful consideration. They learn about the impact of colonialism, the Indian Act, the residential school system, treaties, and systemic racism on Indigenous individuals and communities in Canada. Students will develop a way of thinking about history through the application of the concepts of historical thinking. They will also learn how to apply the historical inquiry process, gathering, interpreting, and analyzing historical evidence and information from a variety of primary and secondary sources in order to investigate and make judgments about issues, developments, and events of historical importance. The study of history enables students to appreciate Canadian heritage and identity, the diversity and complexity of Canadian society, and the challenges and responsibilities associated with Canada’s position in the world. In doing so, it helps prepare students to fulfill their role as informed and responsible global citizens.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Canadian History 1850-1914
Unit 2: Western Canada
Unit 3: A Changing Society 1890-1914

Curriculum Expectations

A. Creating Canada, 1850–1890
B. Canada, 1890–1914: A Changing Society

Course Evaluation