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HNB4M: The World of Fashion

HNB4M: The World of Fashion

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Course Overview

Department Title Grade  Type Course Code  Credit Value Prerequisite Duration  Curriculum
Social Sciences The World of Fashion  12 Mixed Level   HNB4M 1.0  Any university, college, or university/college preparation course in social sciences and humanities, English, or Canadian and world studies 110 Hours Link

This course has the following units of study:

  • What is Fashion (5 Hours)
  • Fashion Design and Creative Expression (10 Hours)
  • Shakespear: Romeo and Juliet (25 Hours)
  • Tools and Techniques (25 Hours)
  • Textiles (15 Hours)
  • History of Fashion (25 Hours)
  • Business of Fashion (10 Hours)
  • Globalization of Fashion (5 Hours)
  • Course Cumulative Project (15 Hours)
HNB4M has a course cumulative project and a final exam, each worth 15% of the final grade calculation.