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STEM Education

Stem Education Ontario

STEM, it’s one of the most talked about topics in education. What exactly is STEM? STEM stands for Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics. But it’s more than that.

STEM has grown to represent a unique approach to teaching and learning, one that centers around individual students’ learning styles and interests. This means STEM education has something to offer every student. Unlike traditional education experiences in which subject areas are concentrated on separately, STEM education emphasizes technology and integrates subjects in ways that connect disciplines and relate them to each other.

So why is STEM getting so much attention in Ontario? STEM moves beyond simple test performance and focuses on developing higher level thinking skills by connecting classroom learning to the real world. STEM emphasizes collaboration, communication, research, problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity, skills that students need to be successful in today’s world regardless of specific interests or career goals. STEM is a direct response to the realization that our future will be built on our capacity for innovation, invention, and creative problem solving. (needs to be paraphrased)

In learning how to apply scientific principles, analyze and interpret data and interpret findings, students acquire the tools to solve the most complex problems. They may choose to study engineering or computer sciences and learn to use mathematics to model social and scientific phenomena. Students build confidence in their abilities and are encouraged to apply what they learn and take bold, innovative steps. STEM studies set the stage for lifelong learning.

STEM education also helps students build a foundation for exciting, rewarding careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics and assume leadership roles in their chosen professions and communities. STEM education at BrightMinds provides all students with the real-world knowledge and practical experience needed to become informed citizens and good stewards of community resources.

Benefits of Pursuing a Career in STEM Education

Science, technology, engineering and math education, also known as STEM education, plays an important role in today’s schools. Children of all ages are being exposed to various STEM-related topics in their classes, which motivates many to continue studying these areas. Pursuing a career in STEM education can offer many benefits, including:

  • Continuing Your Passion for a STEM Subject

If you are passionate about science, technology, engineering or math, then you can keep your passion growing by pursuing a career as a STEM educator. Highly effective teachers are lifelong learners who enjoy learning more about the subjects they are teaching. Earning a degree in STEM education can help you become a teacher, but it can also help you continue to grow in your passion for a STEM subject even while you teach the next generation.

  • Inspiring Young People to Pursue STEM Fields

When you are passionate about the subjects you teach, you can become an engaging force in the classroom. Earning a degree in STEM education can help you become an inspiration to your future students. No matter what grade you are teaching, you can motivate your students to continue learning about STEM-related topics outside of required courses.

  • Helping Students Gain Skills in High-Demand Areas

According to the United States Department of Commerce, jobs in STEM-related fields have grown 24.4% over the last decade, compared to 4% growth for non-STEM-related occupations. People who work in STEM-related jobs also tend to make around 29% more than people who work in non-STEM-related jobs. By becoming a STEM educator, you can help give students skills that can allow them to earn quality and high-paying jobs in the future.

What is STEM Education Exactly?

With the world becoming an increasingly complex place, it’s important for children to grasp STEM concepts to prepare themselves to participate in the future workforce and to understand how technology works. Beyond the practical applications, it’s just plain fun!

Parents play a pivotal influencing role in their children’s lives, especially on their choices for post-secondary education. According to Let’s Talk Science’s report, 76 percent of student respondents said that parents have the greatest influence on their educational direction, followed by teachers at 24 percent. Parents can talk to their kids and get them to realize that they can be empowered through STEM education. They build important skills which are necessary in any job such as critical thinking, problem-solving and the ability to communicate.

Students in these programs are assessed using performance tasks that require critical thinking, communication and problem-solving competencies, and that simultaneously immerse them into the productive yet non-linear practices of science. For instance, science teachers could ask students to work in collaborative groups where they engage with questions related to critical topics such as health and well-being, energy and pollution — as well as climate change, food security and biodiversity. Teachers can create such projects as ways to assess students as they engage in scientific inquiry, using what’s called “performance-based assessment.” Students could be involved with projects like evaluating the environmental quality of their school premises. They could be tasked with assessing biodiversity and air quality using established scientific protocols and materials and conducting research. Changing classroom assessment and large-scale assessments that include authentic and meaningful performance-based science tasks and prioritize relevant topics will help drive educational innovation in the classroom.

STEM Program at BrightMinds (BrightMinds Academy International – STEM Program)

Now are you ready to start your path to a career in STEM education? Learn about the programs available through the BrightMinds Academy International STEM program here at our school website, or SIGN UP to get 3 FREE LIVE online STEM sessions!. BrightMinds offers STEM program with collaborative environments where students can work together, share ideas and support each other, as well as interact with faculty members and other professionals.

The program gives students the opportunity to participate in faculty-mentored research projects. The hands-on research and engagement will enrich their academic experience, further develop their technical skills and increase their ability to be competitive in higher education and the STEM workforce. BrightMinds also offers special events and a variety of STEM-related clubs and organizations in which students can participate.

STEM Education