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How eLearning Can Help You with Homeschooling

Children have been learning from home since the advent of education. The school system as we know it today is a relatively new concept, and before the provincial government took charge of schooling, our parents, family members, and neighbours were responsible for our education. Today, homeschooling is considered an alternative form of education; however, it has recently seen a surge in popularity. If you’re interested in finishing your high school curriculum at home, eLearning can help you with a self-paced education. Here’s how eLearning at BrightMinds Online School can help:

Working at Your Own Pace

e-learning gives you the flexibility to work around your schedule and learn at a pace that you are comfortable with. Unlike the traditional classroom setting where you might be pressured to speed up to keep up with the class pace and the teacher syllabus or to slow down for your fellow classmates to catch up, in an e-learning environment your pace of study is independent of others in the course. You can slow down or pick up the pace as your schedule allows. Further more, course contents are developed to cater to a variety of learning styles and abilities. Accommodations such as extra time or an alternative form of evaluation are offered and students are not penalized for work that is submitted late.

Learning How to be Responsible for Your Own Academic Progress

With the flexibility and freedom of self paced studying comes the responsibility and accountability of monitoring your academic progress. Becoming a self- directed learner is one of the recently recognized “transferable skills” by the government of Ontario. Ina addition to encouraging you to become an independent learner, e-learning environment gives you ample opportunities to improve your communication and collaboration skills and become a responsible global citizen.

Staying Connected With Other Students

One of the main concerns about homeschooling is that it will significantly inhibit the student’s opportunity to be around friends and to learn fundamental social skills. The reality of homeschooling is slightly different. At BrightMinds, you are connected to a global learning environment with students from across the world and e-learning instructors from across Canada. Our virtual classes are truly multi-cultural as local and international students come together to learn, grow and achieve their academic goal. You will never be alone and you will always be supported.

Challenging Yourself and Exploring New Subjects

In many ways, traditional education has a tendency to hold back certain students who have diverse interests or who learn in alternative environments. When you’re in an eLearning environment, you will experience the freedom of exploring your own interests and learning more about what you really love. For instance, you can take business, fashion, and healthy active living courses parallel to the main subjects of study such as English and Mathematics.

If you’re interested in learning more about how eLearning is a natural stepping stone toward homeschooling, don’t hesitate to read our FAQ page or contact BrightMinds Online School.