Student Information

Located in Markham, Ontario, BrightMinds is an online private high school, offering Ontario Secondary School Courses (Grade 9-12) to local and international students on a part time and full time basis. BrightMinds is inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education and has the authority to grant credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

BrightMinds accepts domestic students on part time and full time basis.

For students who are taking one or more courses with BrightMinds while attending full time school elsewhere, a letter of enrolment will be issued upon registration. A midterm and final report card is issued for all students according to the course schedule. This results are communicated with the student's guidance in a timely manner.

For students who wish to take all their courses online with BrightMinds, an OSR request will be sent to student's last home-school requesting for a transfer of their Ontario Student Record. In such case, the student will have a private guidance counselling session to determine the appropriate academic pathway. For all students who are under 18 years of age, the consent of parents/guardian is required for all academic decisions.

BrightMinds accepts international students on part time and full time basis. International students who are residing in Canada must have a valid study permit to register and enrol in a course. Students who are not planning to physically enter Canada and wish to earn the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) from their home country can do so without applying for a study permit. The registration procedure for international students who are in Canada is similar to that of the domestic students.

BrightMinds students come from a diverse learning background. Support is available for students who are English Language Learners and students with Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Registration, Fees and Refund Policy

The registration process can be completed:

1. Online and through our website by selecting the course you wish to enrol in.

2. In person by coming to our Markham office.

3. By email.

Your account will be set up within 24 hours of your registration (excluding weekends and holidays). You will receive a Welcome Package by email highlighting the information you need to get started and succeed in the course.

Courses in Grade 10,11 and 12 may have prerequisites for enrolment. You must provide BrightMinds with the evidence (i.e. report card, transcript, credit counselling summary or any equivalent document) that you have successfully completed the required prerequisite for the course you wish to take. You must submit this document before or within the first week of your enrolment by email or in person.

Course Transfer: Additional fee of $75 will apply if a student requests a course transfer within the first two weeks of the semester.

Course Extension: At the request of a student and at the discretion of the Principal and in consultation with the course instructor and student’s parent (if pupil is under 18), student might be granted the opportunity to extend the course if such decision is believed to serve the student’s academic interest. A course can be extended for two weeks for $99 or 4 weeks for $199.

BrightMinds Online School issues partial refund to students who submit a cancellation request to the school guidance by email ( within three (3) days from their registration date. The three days is a fair opportunity for students to determine whether they are able to continue with the course or not. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure they login to their online student portal and establish their ability to continue or withdraw from the course within the designated timeline. There is no refund past the 3 days.

Courses and Programs

All courses at BrightMinds Online School are developed and delivered by Ontario Certified Teachers who have extensive experience in their respective fields and online education. In addition, all courses are designed in full compliance with the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum expectations and other related policies and standards. You can register in any of our semesters as part time or full time student. We allow late enrolment up to two weeks from the beginning of the semester. You are responsible to make sure that you have the appropriate prerequisite for the course(s) you wish to take with BrightMinds Online School. Upon enrolment, you are granted access to the school’s online platform where you would be able to view the course content including lessons and assessment/ evaluation activities. All course activities such as participation in discussion, submission of assignments, correspondence with instructors take place within the online platform. You will receive a welcome package upon enrolment and are strongly encouraged to review this document as it provides easy to follow instruction to use the platform and highlights school’s expectations and policies with regard to attendance, late submission, final exam, etc.

At BrightMinds Online School, each semester has 11 weeks of instruction and 1 week of final examination. There is a clear start and end date for each semester and each course is designed to have 110 hours of instruction as indicated in the course outline. You are required to log in at least once a week in order to be "Present" in the course. You must be present at least 7 times in order to earn your credit. While in the course, you can choose the pace you like to study. You can reach ahead or fall behind the schedule.

All courses are designed, developed and delivered by an Ontario Certified Teacher. You can communicate with the course instructor within the online platform through the messaging application. If you need additional support, a phone conversation, and audio or video Skype session or an in person meeting in the office will be arranged by the school guidance to help you resolve any difficulty you may be facing in the course.

The list of our academic staff and their OCT# is available on our main page.

All exams at BrightMinds Online School are closed book and must be written under the supervision of a designated proctor. You can choose to write your exam free of charge at BrightMinds office in Markham or you can choose to write it online through Proctor U. There is a small fee associated with writing the exam online which must be paid directly to Proctor U. If you choose to write the exam online, you must complete and submit the Proctor Application form to your course instructor in a timely manner. This document is available on your online course calendar.

Your final report card will be ready within 5-7 business days after the day of your exam. A sealed copy will be mailed out to your home address and to your school guidance office.

To keep our website easier to browse for our prospective students and parents, we have only listed the Academic courses (for Grade 9 and 10) and the University and Mixed level courses (for Grade 11 and 12). However, for any Academic and any University course listed on our website, where applicable we offer their Applied and College level version as well.
While the majority of our students register and enroll with us to earn a credit for each course, we do offer our courses as non-credit to students who wish to have a chance to further their learning without the commitment to complete all aspects of the course. All Grade 9 to 12 courses listed on our website are available for non-credit registration.

Additional Questions

No, all the resources you need to successfully complete the course is provided to you on the online platform. You are not required to purchase any additional resource.

There are no live sessions. You can access the course any time of the day, any day of the week and from any location of your choosing. The course content is always available to you.

Except for the final exam which is closed book and proctored, all other assessment and evaluation activities are open book. The unit tests are timed and you are only given one chance to complete them so in order to do well, you must be familiar with the course content


Yes. BrightMinds is registered and inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Our BSID# is 883674. All the OSSD credits we issue are recognized and accepted by secondary and post secondary institutions in Ontario, in Canada and rest of the world.

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