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Virtual High School and Homeschool: What’s the Difference?

With the rise in popularity of Online Private High Schools as an alternative way of earning credits and completing the high school diploma, many parents and students are asking what is the difference between the traditional homeschooling and the online homeschooling. While both can be completed from the convenience of one’s home, there seem to be more differences than similarities between the traditional and the modern approach to education. Let’s take a look at some of these differences:

Homeschooling Basics

Homeschooling is perhaps one of the oldest forms of education. For centuries, our ancestors were taught right at home, learning from their parents, older siblings, or a private tutor. As education became more structured and regulated, children of all ages would congregate into single schoolhouses, where they would learn basic reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Today, homeschooling offers students a wealth of opportunities to explore their education in more independent ways. When parents decide to take on the challenging but rewarding task of taking care of their children’s education, they are not bound by a particular curriculum. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons, many students and parents thoroughly enjoy the freedom of homeschooling. With the advancement of technology and accessibility of resources made available by the Internet, parents can now choose a curriculum that best matches their child’s learning style and needs. This allows for customization of education.

As students enter high school, however, the need for proper record keeping becomes more apparent. Students who attend public and/or private schools receive a midterm and a final report card upon the end of each course. They will also receive an Ontario Student Transcript (OST), which demonstrates their academic history from Grade 9 to 12. Most colleges and universities across and outside Canada require the OST and/or report cards as academic proof to grant admission into their programs of study. In addition, most employers ask for a copy of the high school diploma or an equivalent proof for completion of secondary studies as part of their application process. Most home-schooled students at high school level do not have such records and as such, they might have a harder time entering post-secondary education or the job market.

BrightMinds Online High School

Virtual or online high school is similar to homeschool in that you can study from the convenience of home. How you learn though, is quite different. One of the main differences is that instead of being engaged in parent-child learning, you will be assigned an Ontario certified e-learning instructor who will guide you in your studies. The second difference is that at BrightMinds, your courses are designed and developed to meet the expectations of the Ontario Secondary curriculum. This allows you to earn a credit for each course, receive a report card and have an Ontario Student Transcript (OST). With proper documentation, earning a post-secondary admission or entering the job market becomes easier.

In short, Online Home Schooling gives you the freedom to study at your own pace from the comfort of your home in a safe and stress-free learning environment. While both virtual high school and traditional homeschooling are safe and empowering solutions for students, only the former gives you the required accreditation for an easier acceptance into post-secondary studies or the job market.

Are You Interested in Online High School?

BrightMinds Online School bridges the gap between traditional high school and homeschool, as it provides the same benefits of traditional homeschooling and online studies.

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