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What Character Traits Are Employers Looking For?


For the majority of us, education is a tool for enhancing our future prospect. In essence, by investing in a specialized education that is in tune with our personal interests and preferences, academic and financial ability, we hope to increase our employability prospect. We all hope to land our dream job and build a successful career. On the other side of this equation are employers who hope to find the perfect talent, the ideal employee who will help them build a successful business.

While having specialized knowledge is important, it is not sufficient. Business leaders and managers are continuously looking for individuals with certain skills and abilities to form the perfect team.  In this posting, we will review some of these employability skills:

Computer Program (Digital) Proficiency

Knowledge of computers, word processors, and basic programs is not only an asset. It’s a requirement. If you struggle with using email, social media, or don’t know how to upload something to a shared folder in Dropbox or Google, you may not be the ideal candidate. If you’re reading this now, there’s a very real chance that your computer skills are just fine. However, if realize you struggle in some areas, it might time to start learning how to use more programs. Depending on what career you plan on going into, here are some highly marketable computer skills:

  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Publisher)
  • Google Drive
  • WordPress
  • LinkedIn
  • Microsoft Office

More advanced computer skills like coding can make you the perfect job candidate. Don’t forget that typing is still an essential skill!

Problem-Solving Skills

The reason you hear this so many times in job postings is that it continues to be one of the most important characteristics of any employee. Employers want someone who can think for themselves, apply logic, show initiative, and have the confidence it takes to look at a problem and figure out a creative and efficient solution. A major facet of problem-solving involves the ability to make decisions. Your boss wants you to make solid choices that you can back with conviction. Solving problems is basically what you’ve been hired to do. A great way to practice your problem-solving skills is to:

  • Gain essential work experience by volunteering
  • Take on more responsibilities at home
  • Join extra-curricular programs that make problem-solving fun, like Scouts of Canada or Girl Guides.

Ability to Work in a Team

According to Forbes, this is the essential character trait that every employer looks for in a team member. Ability to work in a team ensures that you are capable of relinquishing some creative control, that you can carry your own weight, and that you are personable with your peers. There are many occupations that require no teamwork whatsoever, however, showing that you possess this character trait makes you ideal for other positions. The more skills you have at the outset, the brighter your future looks at any company.

Communication Skills

How do you expect to effectively communicate if you aren’t confident in your reading, writing, typing, or public speaking skills? Effective communication is a vital interpersonal skill and if you lack confidence in speaking, writing, or reading, a company may have a hard time seeing you as the right fit for the job. A major part of any job is communicating with other employees, customers, and the general public.

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These are just a small selection of essential skills that employers look for in an ideal candidate. Other important character traits include strong proficiencies in planning, prioritizing, processing information, analyzing data, creating, and influencing others. You want to enter the workforce with the best foot forward, and BrightMinds Online School wants to help you get there. For more information about how our school can help you build your success, check out our FAQ page.