Mathematics 3


Mathematical structures, operations, processes, and language provide students with a framework and tools for reasoning, justifying conclusions,and expressing ideas clearly. Through mathematical activities that are practical and relevant to their lives, students develop mathematical understanding, problem-solving skills, and related technological skills that they can apply in their daily lives and, eventually, in the workplace.

This course will cover the five pillars of mathematics:

1- Number Sense and Numeration

2- Measurement

3- Geometry and Spatial Sense 

4- Patterning and Algebra

5- Data Management and Probability

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We will be looking at place values and skip counting for Number Sense and Numeration. Measurement of time and shapes in the Measurement unit.  Exploring probability and organizing data for Data Management and Probability. In the Geometry and Spatial Sense unit, we will be sorting and categorizing both 2-D and 3-D shapes. For Patterning and Algebra we will explore growing and shrinking patterns, while improving our addition and subtraction skills. 

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