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AVI1O: Visual Arts, Grade 9, Open

Course Info

Course Name: Visual Arts
Course Code: AVI1O
Grade: Grade 9
Course Type: Open
Course Format: Online
Credit Value: 1.0
Tuition Fee: $399.00$1,500.00

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Course Overview

This course is exploratory in nature, offering an overview of visual arts as a foundation for further study. Students will become familiar with the elements and principles of design and the expressive qualities of various materials by using a range of media, processes, techniques, and styles. Students will use the creative and critical analysis processes and will interpret art within a personal, contemporary, and historical context.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Art & Drawing Fundamentals
Unit 2: Drawing and Graffiti Art
Unit 3: Islamic Art & Clay
Unit 4: Makeup and Pop Art
Unit 5: Typography and Printing

Curriculum Expectations

A1. The Creative Process: apply the creative process to create a variety of art works, individually and/or collaboratively;
A2. The Elements and Principles of Design: apply elements and principles of design to create art works for the purpose of self-expression and to communicate ideas, information, and/or messages;
A3. Production and Presentation: produce art works, using a variety of media/materials and traditional and/or emerging technologies, tools, and techniques, and demonstrate an understanding of a variety of ways of presenting their works and the works of others.

B1. The Critical Analysis Process: demonstrate an understanding of the critical analysis process by examining, interpreting, evaluating, and reflecting on various art works;
B2. Art, Society, and Values: demonstrate an understanding of how art works reflect the society in which they were created, and of how they can affect personal values;
B3. Connections Beyond the Classroom: demonstrate an understanding of the types of knowledge and skills developed in visual arts, and identify various opportunities related to visual arts.

C1. Terminology: demonstrate an understanding of, and use correct terminology when referring to, elements, principles, and other components related to visual arts;
C2. Conventions and Techniques: demonstrate an understanding of conventions and techniques used in the creation of visual art works;
C3. Responsible Practices: demonstrate an understanding of responsible practices related to visual arts.

Course Evaluation

Unit Test
Discussion Questions
Audio Podcast