Fast Track – Grade 11

Fast track courses are geared toward students that need to complete a course in a short time frame. This can be for a university or college admissions deadline, to complete a prerequisite course or to suit a personal time constraint. The course is the same amount of hours (110) and course content but it is more condensed. Teacher and administrative support remains the same. On the report card the course does not appear any different than a regular credit course.

*Student who would like to join our Fast Track Course, please add both the course you want to join and this Fast Track additional item to your cart.






 Course Code 

Credit Value




Fast Track Fast Track  11


Who can take a fast track course?

If students meet the prerequisite requirements for a standard course offering, they are eligible to register for the fast track offering of the course.

How long should I expect to take in a fast track course?

All fast track courses are to be completed in a 4 week time frame. All other aspects of the course such as quick feedback are the same as any other full credit course at our school. The teacher will be made aware of this course selection and will be prepared to mark the final exam and complete the report card for a quick turn around.

Choose this option only if you are prepared to work and enough time. You should expect about 5 hours a day/ 6 days a week minimum. There are no extensions possible for Fast Track courses.

For international student, please contact us for further assistance.