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Virtual Live Classes

As COVID-19 marks its one year anniversary, the stress and anxiety have significantly increased among students of all ages. To help cope with the lack of social interactions, motivation to learn, and resources available to them, Brightminds Online School is now offering workshops and clubs for students to join. All of our workshops and clubs are designed and conducted by our OCT teachers ensuring that our students get the best quality of education. Teachers will be conducting the online classes with engaging lesson plans and a variety of different learning strategies addressing students who are visual, audio, and tactile learners. Students have the opportunity to join the free demo live sessions.

We offer a wide array of workshops and clubs addressing most of the core academic topics for different age groups. Currently we are offering a Virtual Bootcamp for K-3 students, covering reading, writing, math, and science. These classes include read-along with the teacher, public speaking strategies, in class poll questions, and practice materials. The Read and Write with Me and the A+ STEM Program are workshops targeted towards grade 6-8 students. The Read and Write with Me, are 30-minute weekly classes where students learn to read independently while improving their critical thinking and develop their writing skills as they learn how to write a wide variety of different texts (letters, narrative stories, poems, etc.). Our A+ STEM program focuses on the student’s interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics where they will improve on their laboratory skills and learn how to apply and make connections with things they learn in class to the real world. We also offer programs like the Writing Workshop, BrainBee, and Application of Mathematics for our high school students. These are 45-minute classes addressing materials taught from the Ontario curriculum and guiding students with tips and strategies to do better on assignments, tests, and exams.