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Benefits of Online Summer School

 It is no surprise that most Ontario students do not wish to take or look forward to registering for summer courses. After 9 months of consecutive studies (most of which spent in cold and long Ontario winters), students and parents are equally excited about the prospect of spending a few weeks away from the busy city life, enjoying the sun, spending time with family, relaxing and recharging for the next academic year. By design, summer courses are not meant to be fun. This is especially true when you consider the intense schedule of a traditional summer school class: long hours spent in a classroom often without proper air conditioning and with little to no flexibility in terms of schedule and deadline. For years, most students and parents have foregone the benefits of summer school in lieu of having a chance to plan and enjoy their summer vacation with ease and flexibility.

With the advancement of technology and the development of easy to access online courses, students and parents now have the option of enjoying the benefits of online summer school without compromising the pleasure of having a few weeks off. Online summer school allows students to take their studies with them regardless of the time zone or the continent to which they are planning to visit. 

Take an Additional Credit Course

Summer school gives students the opportunity to advance their studies by taking an additional credit course, which in turn will lighten their course load for the main academic year. For example, students who have successfully completed Grade 9 can benefit from completing one set of their compulsory credit courses such as Civics and Career studies during summer time. Another great example would be a student who is entering Grade 12 and hopes to earn acceptance into science and engineering program. Such a student can benefit from taking the Advanced Functions course during summer and taking the Calculus and Vectors course during the main academic year. Lastly, students who have been unsuccessful in their first attempt of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT), can (with permission from their school principal) enroll in the Ontario Secondary Literacy Course (OLC4O) and meet their graduation requirement. 

Changing Pathway

Summer school is not always about advancing your studies. It can also be about taking the time to learn better, improve and change your pathway of studies. For example, a Grade 9 student who has successfully completed the Principles of Mathematics (Applied) can complete the half credit transfer course during summer and take the Principles of Mathematics (Academic) when he/she enters Grade 10.  Summer school also presents a great opportunity to students who wish to review some of the fundamental concepts from a previous course or to spend some time developing or enhancing certain skills such as problem-solving, research inquiry, presentation, and communication. Non-credit courses are a great option for students who wish to spend their summer learning without committing to the responsibilities of a credit course program.

Reach Ahead

Summer school is a great opportunity for prospective high school students (Grade 8) who are curious to sample the high school life ahead of time. Students who have successfully completed their Grade 8 can take advantage of summertime to “Reach Ahead” taking one of their Grade 9 courses in advance. 

Summer School at BrightMinds Online School

BrightMind’s summer semester starts on July 3 and ends on August 17. The six weeks program is super flexible, allowing you to travel during your enrolment. Regardless of where you wish to spend your summer, as long as you have access to a reliable Internet connection, you can participate in your online studies, write the exam online and earn your credit. The best part is, you still have a good two to three weeks of summer left by the time you finish your online studies.

What Courses Can You Take?

We continue offering our compulsory and elective courses in our summer program. Whether you want to “Reach Ahead’, advance your studies, change your pathway or re-take a course, you have a wide selection of Grade 9 to 12 courses available to you. Online registration for the summer program is open and ongoing from May 1.

Do Summer Courses Count Toward High School Diploma?

Yes, our summer courses fulfill the same credit requirement as courses offered during our school year. Except for Civics and Career Studies which have 55 hours of instruction each, all our Grade 9 to 12 credit courses have 110 hours of instruction and include a variety of assessment and evaluation activities designed to address the Ontario Secondary School curriculum expectations and guidelines.

Are Teachers Available During the Summer Semester?

Yes. Our admin and academic team will continue assisting you in a timely manner during the summer program. Help and support are always available at BrightMinds Online School.

What Are the Advantages of Taking Summer Courses at BrightMinds Online School?

  • Our summer registration is online and ongoing. We have ample space in all of our Grade 9 to 12 courses so you will never be placed on a waiting list and are never asked to submit an extensive application form.
  • Our program is 6 weeks in length; it is self-paced and accessible from any location of your choosing. The course content is available to you 24/7 and your e-learning instructor is available to you Monday through Friday 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. EST.
  • The final exam can be written online from any location and in anytime zone during the exam week.
  • There are no scheduled live sessions so you have complete freedom to decide when to participate and complete your course requirements.
  • In short, you can plan your summer with ease of mind and take your course with you.
  • Contact us today if you have any question about our summer program or need additional information. We look forward to seeing you this summer!