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Health and Physical Education Booklet

In the past few weeks, the conversation about the sex ed. curriculum reached its pick in this province. When the Education Minister, Lisa Thompson announced that this September, Ontario students will be taught the old sex-ed (Health and Physical Education) curriculum, the reaction was mixed. Some were happy while some were disappointed. Those satisfied with the outcome have long voiced their concerns about what is being taught to students at each grade level. Those unhappy with the outcome are worried that teaching the 1998 curriculum would not give students the relevant knowledge they need to survive and thrive in our tech-driven society.

Children’s cognitive development happens at a varying pace. You might have met a 10-year-old who is mature beyond his-her age. Similarly, you might have met a twelve-year-old who noticeably acts and behaves younger than his-her age. While there is a general understanding of the social-intellectual development of children at each age, not everyone fits the box. Like anything else in life, the growth and development of a child is unique and many factors play into it.

As parents and as educators, we recognize the importance of equipping students with information that is relevant and applicable to their daily life so they are able to make a more informed decision but we also understand that each child needs to learn and explore concepts at his-her own pace. Some children are more mature for their age and some need more time to develop the skills to truly understand certain concepts.

At BrightMinds Online School, we believe that the 2015 Health and Physical Education is about teaching students to:

  • understand what makes them unique;
  • respect and understand the differences in others;
  • understand what mental health is and how they can cope with challenges when they arise;
  • understand the importance of living an active life;
  • recognize the importance of hygiene practices such as washing hands;
  • make healthy food choices;
  • understand the effects of using and abusing alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, and prescription medication;
  • appreciate teamwork;
  • develop better communication skills;
  • make safe choices like wearing a helmet when on a bike and not texting when driving;
  • what sexual consent is;
  • recognize and understand the social, emotional, and legal implications of posting sexually explicit photos.

We are excited to announce that we are currently developing a booklet that teaches the main concepts of the 2015 Health and Physical Education Curriculum in a simple and easy to understand language for Grade 1 to 12 students. The booklet will be ready for purchase in the first half of 2019 as a one time PDF download for the price of $49. The booklet gives parents the freedom to understand and monitor the content and to select the concepts they wish to teach their child at each grade level. The booklet will be designed and developed from the perspective of emotional and physical safety. It is our hope that the booklet educates and enables students to make informed and safe decisions in all aspect of their healthy active living.

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