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Self-Paced Learning

 1 I am not good at mathematics.  
 1 copy I don’t like the Science class. 
 1 copy 2 I don’t know how to write an essay. 

Can you relate to the above statements? 

The reality is that our like and dislike of a subject is a reflection of our ability. If you don’t like mathematics, it’s most likely because you believe that you are not good at it or you don’t enjoy it because you can’t understand its importance and relevance in your daily life.

No one is born with the knowledge of the mathematics of any other subject matter. We learn about mathematics, science, English and many other topics during our educational journey. For most, the education journey is a group experience. You are placed in a classroom with 20 something other students, each of which with a learning style and pace as unique as their fingerprint. 

As you might have experienced first hand, most often than not the pace of the class is not aligned to your pace of learning. At the time, you might find the pace of teaching too fast and at times, too slow. Every now and then, you might find just the right pace and these are often the courses in which you blossom and feel a certain level of pride and achievement. 

Online self-paced learning can be an alternative for those courses in which you find the classroom pace to be too slow or too fast. Most students in the classroom setting feel embarrassed to admit that they might not have learned the lesson from two class ago because the teacher was going too fast. But in an online self-paced course, where the lessons are pre-recorded and available to you at all times, you can always go back and watch the lesson that you are struggling with without any sense of embarrassment. Learning at your own pace also minimizes the sense of boredom. For example, you might learn English at a faster pace than your classroom so going with the flow of the group might disinterest and disengage you from the class. In an online course, you can jump ahead of the schedule. 

Online courses at BrightMinds can help you study in a distraction-free, self-paced environment where you are given the opportunity to build the foundation necessary to reach higher levels of learning with confidence and interest. 

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