Mathematics 2


Hey grade 2s! This year we will be improving our mathematical skills by doing some really fun stuff through mathematical activities that are practical and relevant to their lives. We will develop our mathematical understanding, problem-solving skills, and look at stuff related to technological skills that we can apply in our daily lives and, eventually, outside of an academic setting. 

This course will cover the five pillars of mathematics:

1- Number Sense and Numeration

2- Measurement

3- Geometry and Spatial Sense 

4- Patterning and Algebra

5- Data Management and Probability

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We will be reviewing place values and recognizing fractions for Number Sense and Numeration. In the Measurement unit, we will learn how to measure distance, mass, time, and temperature.  We will be displaying data in a variety of different graphs for Data Management and Probability. For Patterning and Algebra we will exploring patterns in the number chart and number line involving both 2 and 3 digit values. For our last unit in Geometry and Spatial Sense we will be analyzing shapes and their properties.

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