Mathematics 1


An information and technology-based society require individuals who are able to think critically about complex issues, analyze and adapt to new situations, solve problems of various kinds, and communicate their thinking effectively. The study of mathematics equips students with knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that are essential for successful and rewarding participation in such a society. The mathematics program at BrightMinds is designed to ensure that students build a solid foundation in mathematics by connecting and applying mathematical concepts in a variety of ways. To support this process, e-learning instructors will integrate concepts from across the five strands and apply the mathematics to real-life situations. The five strands are:

  • Number Sense and Numeration
  • Measurement
  • Geometry and Spatial Sense
  • Patterning and Algebra
  • Data Management and Probability.

In addition to the expectations outlined within each strand, students will learn and apply mathematical processes (problem-solving, reasoning and proving, reflecting, selecting tools and computational strategies, connecting, representing, and communicating) throughout the course.

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Welcome graded 1s to our math class. I am very excited to take you through the journey of understanding the fundamentals of math. 

We will be looking at counting numbers and money for Number Sense and Numeration. Comparative measurement of objects and time will be the main focus for the Measurement unit. Students will be building their knowledge on identifying shapes in the Geometry and Spatial Sense unit. For Patterning and Algebra we will be exploring growing and shrinking patterns, as well as recognizing patterns. For our last unit Exploring probability and organizing data for Data Management and Probability.

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