Language 1


Students will work with video lessons created by the teacher to understand how to pronounce simple words. Students will also build on their vocabulary by focusing on certain words and sounds throughout the units.Through investigation, students will read along with the teacher to answer questions based on the text. Students will create patterns and establish an understanding of equality. Students collect, organize, read and display information to make predictions of what will happen. Throughout the course, students begin developing their skills by processing the problem, reasoning and proving, reflecting, and communicating at a basic level. Through investigation of real-life events, students develop a strong foundation of language knowledge and skills. This course prepares students for grade 2 language. 

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This course builds on the Kindergarten curriculum to further develop students’ understanding of the fundamentals of language by exploring topics related to:

  • Oral Communication
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Media Literacy

At BrightMinds, the language program is designed to develop a range of essential skills in these four interrelated areas, built on a solid foundation of knowledge of the conventions of standard English and incorporating the use of analytical, critical, and metacognitive thinking skills.

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International with Study Permit, International without Study Permit, Local, Non-credit Self-Study (Domestic Student), Non-credit Self-Study (International Student)