CGC1P: Issues in Canadian Geography


This course focuses on current geographic issues that affect Canadians. Students will draw on their personal and everyday experiences as they explore issues relating to food and water supplies, competing land uses, interactions with the natural environment, and other topics relevant to sustainable living in Canada. They will also develop an awareness that issues that affect their lives in Canada are interconnected with issues in other parts of the world. Throughout the course, students will use the concepts of geographic thinking, the geographic inquiry process, and spatial technologies to guide and support their investigations.



Department Title Grade  Type Course Code  Credit Value Prerequisite Duration Curriculum
Canadian and World Studies Issues in Canadian Geography  9 Applied  CGC1P 1.0  None 110 Hours Link

This course has five units of study:

  • An Introduction to Geography (20 Hours)
  • Interactions with Physical Environment (20 Hours)
  • Managing Canada’s Resources and Industries (20 Hours)
  • Changing Populations (20 Hours)
  • Sustainability (20 Hours)
  • Course Cumulative Project (10 Hours)

CGC1P has a course cumulative project and a final exam, each worth 15% of the final grade calculation.

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