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What to Expect from an Online Course at BrightMinds

Online courses at BrightMinds are instructor-led, socially engaging learning experiences that meet the expectations of the Ontario Elementry and Secondary Curriculum.

Course Structure

At BrightMinds, online courses are designed to offer students a semi-self paced structure. Courses have a clear start and end date and each course has a “suggested schedule” which helps students with goal setting and time management. While in the course, students can accelerate or decelerate their studies. This semi-self paced structure gives students a much-needed balance in terms of freedom and responsibility. Our students have the independence to learn at their unique pace but also learn to set goals and manage time to meet deadlines.

Online Classroom 

All courses at BrightMinds Online School are hosted on Canvas. An incredibly easy to navigate and user-friendly LMS, Canvas allows our students and instructors from across the globe to come together and utilize a wide range of online learning tools and software to meet the expectations of the Ontario Curriculum. As mentioned earlier, our courses are meant to be a socially engaging learning experience. While each student learns and performs on their own, students and instructors come together to share the outcome of their learning via online discussions, and where applicable, live sessions (student-teacher conferencing).

Our Instructors

At BrightMinds Online School, every course has its own designated instructor. All our teachers are graduates of the Ontario College of Teachers and have substantial experience and expertise in their subject matter and online delivery of that specific course.  Our instructors routinely monitor students’ progress and offer them meaningful and timely feedback so students can learn and improve.


One of the many advantages of using a world-class LMS such as Canvas is that all the resources students need to complete an online course are offered to them in one place. Once logged in to BrightMinds’ online portal, students have access to all they need in order to earn a credit. From lesson content to assignments, to textbook and solution manual, we give our students access to the resources they need to support their studies.

Development of Soft Skills 

Woven into the design of all our courses are opportunities for development and refinement of important soft skills such as time management, goal setting, collaboration, online communication, all of which are an important aspect of personal and professional development.

To learn more about the courses we offer, visit our website or contact us today at (647) 931-9070. We hope to see you in our virtual classroom ?.