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  • Core French

    The ability to speak and understand French allows students to communicate with French-speaking people in Canada and around the world, to understand and appreciate the history and evolution of…

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  • Language 4

    This course builds on the knowledge from the grade 3 curriculum to further develop students’ understanding of the fundamentals of language by exploring topics related to:

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  • Mathematics 4

    Welcome grade 4s! This year we will be improving our mathematical skills by doing some really fun stuff through mathematical activities that are practical and relevant to…

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  • One-on-One Tutoring

    Here at BrightMinds we provide personalized one-to-one tutoring for your child to help guide them in comprehending the course content at hand. Our OCT teachers are here  to not…

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  • Science 4

    Hey grade 4s! In this class we are going to explore 4 different units; 

    1- Life Systems

    2- Structure and Mechanism

    3- Matter and…

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  • Social Studies 4

    Our main focus will be on: 

    Early Societies to 1500 CE 
    Political and Physical Regions of Canada

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  • The Arts 4

    Welcome to grade 4 The Arts. Our main units this this course is:


    1- Dance


    3- Music 

    4- Visual Arts

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