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  • Language 3

    Hi grade 3s! We use many methods to teach language.  The four strands in Language are as follows:  
    1- Writing
    2- Reading
    3- Oral…

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  • Mathematics 3

    Mathematical structures, operations, processes, and language provide students with a framework and tools for reasoning, justifying conclusions,and expressing ideas clearly. Through mathematical activities that are practical and…

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  • Science

    This course provides students with an exciting way to go over the scientific processes that affect the world around us. These easy-to-follow lessons for students going over…

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  • Social Studies

    The six concepts of social studies thinking – significance, cause and consequence, continuity and change, patterns and trends, interrelationships, perspective – underpin all thinking and learning in social studies.

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  • The Arts

    At BrightMinds Online School, the arts curriculum is designed to develop a range of essential skills in each of the arts: dance, drama, music, and the visual arts. These…

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  • The Arts 3

    Hi Grade 3s! You are going to enter the wonderful world of Arts! There is so much to see, listen and learn in the Arts. This is…

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  • The Arts 4

    Welcome to grade 4 The Arts. Our main units this this course is:


    1- Dance


    3- Music 

    4- Visual Arts

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