Student Information for Registration

Anyone. We accept local and international students on a part-time and full-time basis. You can use BrightKids k-8 program as a complementary source for your study or you can complete BrightKids courses as the main program for completing the Ontario elementary education.
Anytime. At BrightKids, the registration and enrollment are ongoing for K-8 programs. There is no specific start or end date. We do suggest that students begin their studies in early fall (September) or in winter (February). Full-time students have 12 months while part-time students have 6 months to complete their studies.
Part-time students are those who enroll in a course of their choice such as mathematics, language, arts to complement their studies either as a homeschooling student or as a student who is already enrolled at the elementary level in a public or private school. Full-time students are those who will take their entire grade courses at BrightKids as they pursue their Ontario elementary education.
At BrightKids, all e-learning instructors are graduates of the Ontario College of Teachers. They are hired through an extensive interview process and only after submitting a police background check. At BrightKids, e-learning instructors receive continuous training and their performance is monitored by the school principal for quality assurance.

Parent Information

At BrightKids, we accept students from diverse academic backgrounds. If your child is currently being homeschooled or is taking courses at a public or private school, he/she can still take part-time courses at BrightKids to complement their studies. Students can also transition fully to BrightKids program from homeschooling, public and private schools.
For any reason and at any time, should you decide for your child to exit BrightKids program and transition to homeschooling, public or private school, appropriate documentation (upon availability) will be released to you.
No. In Ontario, at the elementary level, credits are not issued. However, upon successful completion of each course (for part-time students) and the program (for full-time students), final report cards will be issued.
There are different options available for you to contact the e-Learning instructors. There is a messaging system built into the e-learning platform used by BrightKids. In addition, you can have regular correspondence through email communication. If needed, phone conversations will be arranged. Video conferencing will also be made available upon request.
Per request, an independent parent account will be created for you. This account will allow you to view the course content, connect with the e-learning instructor, view your child’s progress through grade book feature and stay involved with your child’s learning.
No, BrightKids courses cover all the resources needed to successfully complete the program. You are not required to buy any additional resource.
Yes. Per request, we can give you a 3-day guest student account allowing you to view the program before you commit to it.
Yes, at BrightKids, the e-learning portal is password protected. Only users with unique login information can enter the e-learning platform and access the course content. Additionally, the learning environment is free of advertising. The platform is continuously monitored by the academic and administrative staff. Any harmful material will be immediately removed and appropriate actions will be taken by the staff to follow up with the individual(s) involved. BrightKids has an anti-bullying policy in place to protect all users. At BrightKids, safety of students a top priority. Preventive measures are in place to make sure that students learn in a stress and distraction-free environment.
BrightKids does not issue a refund to students and parents. We will happily set up a free of charge guest account for students and parents to view the course content before committing to the program.

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