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Homeschool Students

Why Homeschooling?

More and more parents are seeking to offer their children an educational path different from the traditional ones. Homeschooling has become popular in recent years; but what really makes parents choose homeschooling for their children? The reasons vary for everyone, and they usually include travel opportunities, supporting children’s special needs, preventing bullying, and so on. While some people are against homeschooling, studies have shown the positive impacts of homeschooling on children’s academic performance. Home schooled students often do better on standardized tests, engage in self-directed learning, excel in college, and become successful employees.

But is homeschooling really worth it? How do you know if it is the right choice for you and your child? You might have been considering the idea of homeschooling for a while but are not yet sure whether you should take this path or not. As a fact, registering your student in an accredited online school, could be an awesome choice for many families. BrightMinds Online School provides a very user-friendly teaching methodology to the learning procedure, which brings the well-qualified benefits of homeschooling next to the advantages of classic education.

Our goal as an online school is to provide a flexible user-friendly platform for both parents and students that allows you to get updates about your child’s educational achievements. Our ministry- approved online school provides you with the other aspects of your child’s educational circumstance, by resting assured that your child is being fully supported under the supervision of our academic certified teachers, infinitive guidance, and professional administrative staff. Their schedule doesn’t depend on the bell ringing, the lunch break or the recess duration. Instead, our students can benefit from a flexible learning schedule where they can enjoy their free time after completing their assignments.

Why Choose BrightMinds Online School for Homeschooling in Ontario?

One of the most significant benefits of our homeschooling program is that it meets home school students’ needs both in terms of education and personal freedom. The flexible schedule allows children to study more effectively, as they also get educational breaks, which are beneficial for every learner.

Personalized Education for Homeschool Students

At BrightMinds Online School, due to the homeschooling educational structure, parents and teachers can work together to adapt the learning process to the homeschool students’ needs. In the traditional classroom setting, it is impossible to focus on every individual since there are so many students and only one teacher. But things are different here! When it comes to BrightMinds homeschooling program, one on one learning and individualized education are possible when you enroll your child here. Thanks to one-one interaction opportunities, learners can build a closer relationship with an online homeroom teacher.

If they excel at a particular subject, their teacher or parent can speed up their education in that area. On the other hand, if they struggle with a subject, they can be provided with additional resources that can help them succeed.

Following the Ontario Homeschool Curriculum

You might be asking whether we are teaching according to the Ontario Curriculum or the educational materials are only being taught with no principle! We have to mention that we are completely following the curriculum expectations set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Our courses are designed by Ontario certified teachers. These valid documents are all utilized in publicly funded schools in Ontario, Canada where the students construct their concepts and learn different skills that prepare them for higher educational degrees. Our courses are aligned with the Ontario curriculum and could easily be taken with other content resources to design a homeschool curriculum for you.

More Emotional Freedom for Homeschool Students

Our homeschooling program removes a significant load of stress children may experience in the typical classroom. They don’t have to worry about fitting in; they are safe from bullying, being ostracized or other social pressures. Bullying is a prevalent issue in public schools that has devastating consequences for the victims. Besides being emotionally damaging, it interferes with learning, making it difficult for children to focus on their studies.

Homeschooling as a cultivating self-discipline and independence alternative

We believe that, when educated from home, children develop skills that will help them later in their lives. They learn about self-motivation, time management and accountability for their education. Online homeschooling at BrightMinds encourages students to explore the joy of learning rather than focusing on grades only.

Students are also reported to be more independent in terms of learning and life in general. Following the crowd is not among their desires. When it comes to solving learning problems, home-schooled students are much more independent in looking for answers themselves.

BrightMinds Online Homeschool Programs for High-School Students

Are you looking for credits to complete to meet college or university requirements? Brightminds Academy International offers Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) to our secondary school graduates. This diploma is awarded to all students who complete the Ontario Education curriculum. SIGN UP now for our free demo courses to try some of our sample lessons to experience our online learning platform first-hand! If you would like to receive a LIVE virtual school tour, please mention that in the sign-up form. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us; We would love to assist you!

Homeschool Students