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Home Schooling: Fact Or Myth

According to Statistics Canada, “homeschooling is an alternative method of learning that takes place outside the public or private school environment.” A recent study published by the Fraser Institute reveals interesting data about the current state of homeschooling in Canada.

  1. Home Schooling is on the Rise

Fact. As the following chart demonstrates, except for the province of British Colombia, other provinces have experienced a steady growth in the homeschooling enrolment.


  1. Religion is the Main Reasons For Parents to Home School Their Child

Myth. Religion and ideology is no longer the predominant reason for parents to wish to homeschool their child. Parents are choosing to homeschool because it is a more practical option. Parents whose child is interested in professionally pursuing an extra-curricular activity such as drama, music or sports have an easier time creating a flexible yet enriching academic timetable for their child through homeschooling. Parents whose job demand frequent travel or relocation also recognize that homeschooling provides their child an uninterrupted access to education. Lastly, parents whose child has unique learning style or needs find that homeschooling could be a more attentive way for their kid to learn and grow.

  1. Compared to Public school Students, Homeschooled Students Score Less

Myth. While more data is needed to make a firm conclusion on this topic, the current research shows that certain types of homeschooling, that is those that are well structured, tend to provide better learning opportunities to students. As such, homeschooled students do well on standardized tests (if not better than the public school students) and are more likely to pursue professional degrees at a post-secondary level.

As an alternative way of completing education, homeschooling has become a popular choice among Canadians parents for its flexibility, efficiency, and ability to cater to broader learning styles and needs.

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