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Graduating From BrightMinds Online School

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We are often asked by students and parents whether it is truly possible to complete high school credit courses online and earn the OSSD. So we have decided to have a quick chat with one of our recent graduates: Abraham who lives with his family in Austrailia. Abraham finished his studies online and earned his OSSD this summer. Here is our quick conversation with him: 

Why did you complete your OSSD from Australia?

I completed my OSSD from Australia; because I wanted to be close to my family.

How easy/difficult was it to complete the courses online? 

It was challenging at first but, once I understood the content, it was okay. The staff at BrightMinds are also very responsive and supportive so that made everything easier for me too. They are always willing to help and answer any questions you have regarding your courses.  

Would you recommend completing the OSSD online? 

Absolutely, yes! Completing the OSSD online teaches you essential life skills that you will never learn elsewhere. To name a few, some of the skills include; self-discipline, commitment, time-management, communication, and confidence.

How has the OSSD helped you with your education/career choice? 

The OSSD has given me the opportunity to enter any university of my choice.