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Why Learn a Foreign Language in High School?

Now that summer is upon us, you might be thinking about fun and interesting ways to spend your free time. Have you considered learning a new language or strengthening a second language, like French, that you’ve been studying during the school year? Learning a foreign language offers a number of benefits and opportunities! For example, a second language opens the door to learning about another culture, traveling, meeting new and interesting people (and being able to communicate with them!), and could lead to an interesting job down the road. You might even have the opportunity to teach a foreign language one day.

Improve Your Grades

Studying a second language can improve your skills and your grades in different subject areas. Research shows that scores for math and oral expressive skills increase with each additional year a student studies a foreign language. That means the longer you study a foreign language, the more you can achieve in other subject areas. Studying a foreign language can also improve your analytical and problem-solving skills.

Open the Door to Exciting Jobs

You can increase your chances of success if you speak more than one language. Living in a digital age with a diverse population, companies like to hire workers who can communicate in different languages and understand other cultures. The ability to communicate in more than one language is a valuable asset, regardless of the job. For example, whether you are working in sales, customer service or secretarial work, you can communicate and work with many more people and in many more places compared to speaking just one language. Many companies have an online presence, which means they can have customers reaching out from around the globe. That makes communication (beyond English alone) key. Speaking a foreign language isn’t just an asset for securing jobs in teaching or the travel and tourism industry anymore!

Open the Door to Traveling

Workers who can communicate in more than one language are offered more opportunities to travel for work and communicate with people in other countries, all throughout their career. Speaking more than one language can open the door to job opportunities in business, government, health care, technology, teaching (of course!) and others. An employer sees employees who know a second language as a bridge to new clients or customers. In addition to work opportunities, there are also opportunities to complete high school and post-secondary school courses abroad. These courses are definitely worth looking into.

Learn About Other Cultures

With knowledge of a foreign language, you can enjoy traveling to different countries and speaking with residents directly. You can also learn about different cultures by speaking with people (in their language) who live nearby! By learning about other cultures firsthand, you can gain a unique perspective and ask interesting questions. Knowledge of other people and cultures will help learn about other parts of the world with respect to history, politics, food, religion and so much more. You will learn so much about people and the world around you.

Learning a New Language is Exciting

Learning a new language is exciting! Like any adventure, it can take you to new places, you can meet new and interesting people, and you can enjoy new and exciting experiences! In addition to learning at school, today you can also learn a second language with the help of technology (there are even free apps you can download), so there is lots of support available to help you progress. It’s not just about learning grammar and vocabulary. It is about learning new sounds, expressions, and outlook. You can learn how to live in another culture or another country.

BrightMinds offers French as a Second Language course year-round. So this summer, consider taking a foreign language online and see how much can you learn. Don’t worry, you’re not expected to sound like a native speaker in a second language, however, you will learn to communicate effectively. Online language courses are exciting experiences! Be patient and give yourself time. Just like other subjects, learning a new language takes time and practice.