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5 Fashion Industry Careers Your Courses Can Lead to

Did you know that BrightMinds Online School is one of the only online schools in Ontario that offers Grade 12 Fashion Course: HNB4M?

The World of Fashion gives you the opportunity to learn about this creative industry, from social and historical influences on fashion to brand marketing to the history of fashion. Here are some of the exciting careers this one-of-a-kind online course can lead you to:

#1: Fashion Design at Ryerson University

Fashion design requires technical skills, creativity, and a passion for the art of dress. In a highly competitive industry, a fashion designer’s dream is to become a household name. The most successful designers are real artists and trendsetters with strong convictions behind what they do. The World of Fashion course gives aspiring designers the background knowledge they need to succeed as designers, as well as the technical skills and construction techniques they require to start creating their own designs.

#2: Fashion Marketing and Entertainment at Toronto Film School

Unlike fashion design, marketers are concerned with the business side of the fashion industry. A career in fashion marketing requires a thorough knowledge of trends and textiles and, essentially, an understanding of what sells. The World of Fashion course allows students to “analyze the influence on the fashion industry of brand marketing (e.g., celebrity endorsements and fashion lines, logos, cause marketing, testimonials, diversified product lines by specific designers, marketing of status or positional goods)”.

#3: Fashion Coordination and Styling Certificate at Ryerson University

As a fashion stylist, you know what looks good on a model or mannequin. Stylists work with photographers, costume designers, celebrities, and editorial teams to build a wardrobe of different looks and styles. A stylist knows how to perfectly blend colors, shapes, and textures to achieve the look and mood they’re going for. Stylists show consumers how a single article of clothing can be worn in a multitude of ways to encourage them to buy.

#4: Fashion Merchandising AT George Brown College

Fashion merchandising is a little bit of styling, a little bit of set design, and a lot of creativity. Fashion merchandisers encourage consumers to buy their products by setting up displays throughout stores that are simply irresistible. Clothes, shoes, and handbags aren’t the only things used in a merchandising display; in fact, a great fashion merchandiser can also bring in eye-catching props to amplify the mood they wish to convey. If your knees buckle and your heart melts every time you walk past a shop window, a career in fashion merchandising may be in your future.

For more details about this exciting course, take a look at the Ontario High School Curriculum or contact BrightMinds Online School today.