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In order for you to register in the courses that you want, you first want to make sure you have the required prerequisites. If you are unsure if you have the prerequisites or not, you can send your transcript to and we will check for you. Overall you will need to submit 3 things in order to register for the course: i-Official School Document (this can be your report card, transcript, or credit summary) ii-Government Issued ID (passport, driver’s license, birth certificate) iii-Registration form

Depending on the semester you are registered for you will receive your report card via email on:


Fall 2020: Midterm - Oct. 23, 2020 Final - Dec. 22, 2020

Winter 2021: Midterm - Feb. 12, 2021 Final - Mar. 31, 2021

Spring 2021: Midterm - May 14, 2021 Final - June 28, 2021

Summer 2021: Midterm - N/A  Final - Aug. 30, 2021

Brightminds Online School, is an accredited school in Ontario approved by the Ministry of Education. Students are able to apply to all universities in Canada and outside of Canada.

Please note that transcripts are only issued to our full time students. If you are our current student you will receive your updated transcript at the end of the school year upon request only. If you are our retired student (already graduated) you will need to order your transcript from the following link below. LINK

Students will be able to interact with their teachers through the Learning Portal. Further information on messaging your teacher is located in the Student Welcome Package.

In the welcome email you will be given who your teacher is. You can also see your teacher’s information on the course you are enrolled in on the left hand corner.

Students apply to universities through OUAC.

There aren’t any live classes with Brightminds. However, students can book up to 3 free live sessions with their teacher(s).

Attendance plays an important role and we expect our students to be logging in at least three times a week.

Students will need to earn 18 Compulsory credits, 12 Optional credits, pass the OSSLT (or OLC4O), and complete at least 40 community involvement hours. 

**Due to COVID-19, graduating students of 2020/21, will not need to complete the OSSLT but must complete a minimum of 20 hours of community involvement.

For more in depth information, you can check out LINK

OSSD, stands for Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

The OSR, is the Ontario Student Record and it is securely stored in the student’s main school.

You can request to get your transcript by your guidance counselor and they will be able to print one out for you.

If you are a mature student and cannot provide any transcripts, you will then need to take the Assessment Tests.

The prerequisites should be on the course, however is you can’t find it there you can check out the LINK.

There aren’t any specific deadlines for the assignments, however students will not be able to hand in any more work after they have written their final exam.

Students do not need to log in everyday, however they are required to log in at least three times a week, anytime.

On average you do need to spend at least 110 hours on the course, however you can work offline and submit the how many hours you spent offline.

Depending on the semester you enroll for, the start date will be different. You can log onto the academic calendar to find out.