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Is an Online High School Easier than a Traditional High School?

They say that nothing worthwhile comes easy. The same can be said about earning a high-school diploma or a university degree. If you ask someone at BrightMinds Online High School if an online high school is easy, the quick answer is that school, like anything, is what you make of it. Is Traditional High School Easy?

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The World of Fashion 101: Everything You Need to Know

What do Paris, New York, Milan and London have in common? They are all considered the Fashion Capitals of the world and while Canada might not be considered a global fashion center yet, we are not short of talents who have made a name in the fashion industry.  From Dean and Dan, the creative minds

Benefits of Online Home Schooling

In this short video, we discuss the advantages of Online Homeschooling as an alternative way to earn high school credits. Link to Prezi. 

The Infinite Possibilities of Technology in E-Learning

Everyone learns differently, meaning all individuals can benefit from a personalized learning experience, like the individualized education system homeschooling and online classrooms offer. Individualized education has proven to inspire independent thinking and an appreciation for learning rather than a focus on grades. And now, with the help of technology, e-learning has made leaps and bounds—especially