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Discover an Exciting Career Path in the Education Sector

Do you love the school environment and being around other students and teachers? Does the thought of teaching children or grownups give you a thrill? If so, you may be destined for a career in education. If becoming a teacher is what you’re genuinely passionate about, but you still aren’t sure which direction you want to take, remember that there is more than one type of educator. Take a look at all these teaching possibilities in Ontario:

Child Care

With specialized knowledge of early childhood development, you are a valued leader in young child’s early education stages. As a toddler’s very first experience with an educator, your role is vital in fostering a positive experience that will impact the rest of the child’s school career. During early childcare, you’re expected to promote positive relationships and facilitate play-based learning in a way that keeps children engaged and interested.


In Ontario, full-time kindergarten is optional, but according to the Ontario Ministry of Education “children who participate in full-day kindergarten get a solid foundation for future learning.” As a kindergarten teacher, you lay the groundwork for a child’s future learning. In an environment of play-based learning, you will help your young pupils develop essential life skills, such as problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, social and emotional development, social responsibility, self-reflection, and empathy.


In Ontario alone, there are 4,000 public elementary schools, not including alternative or online schools, such as BrightKids. Are you interested in becoming an elementary school teacher? The province’s goal is for all elementary school students to achieve a B grade in reading, writing, and mathematics. In elementary school, you will be introducing more complex subjects in a way that fosters a child’s curiosity and helps them learn at an appropriate pace. Including the core subjects, you will be responsible for teaching your students art, French, science and technology, social studies, history, and geography.


Many high school students are impatiently counting down the days until graduation. But if you want to be a teacher, you probably can’t wait to return to school to sit on the other side of the teacher’s desk. As a high school teacher, you’re responsible for preparing teenagers and young adults for a future in post-secondary education or their careers. The high school curriculum is evolving to better suit the modern student’s experience, which includes many programs that can better prepare students for lives after high school, such as specialist high-skills majors, cooperative education, dual credit programs, and more.

There are even more employment opportunities available. Consider French-language education, physical education, university professorships, and adult education. To learn more about how to become an Ontario teacher, check your favourite university’s admission guidelines or contact BrightMinds.