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Why BrightMinds Online School?

We recently published a blog about the most common inquiry questions our admin members receive. We left one important question out as it needed a posting of its own, so here we are ?. A quick search on the Internet and you will easily find a good number of private high schools offering online credit courses in Ontario. So naturally, the students and parents who contact us would like to know:

Why Should We Choose BrightMinds Online School

We like to acknowledge that online study is not for everyone. Certain students benefit from this alternative method of learning more than others. In talking to our students and parents, we have identified the following to be our strengths:

  • Honest and Timely Communication: Whether it’s a phone call or an email inquiry, we respond within a business day. We provide our prospective students and parents with a comprehensive understanding of our policies and expectations so they can make an informed decision. Where applicable, we refer them to appropriate ministry document so they can read and learn more on their own.
  • Environmental Friendliness: We are proud to be a mostly paperless business. We utilize a wide variety of software to complete our day to day business activities without printing.
  • Safe Learning Environment: Our learning environment is password protected, free of advertisement and safe. Except for our students, e-instructors and admin team, no other user has access to the learning environment. We continuously monitor the content that is being posted by users to make sure that everyone is being treated with respect and integrity.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Our Grade 9 to 12 course fees are market competitive. In structuring our tuition fees, we keep all our stakeholders in mind. We are committed to paying our admin and academic staff a fair compensation. We also aim at keeping our fee affordable for local and international students. Lastly, we want the school to make money so we can improve and expand our operation.
  • Refund Policy: Perhaps, we are one of the only online private schools in the province that offer a partial refund to our students and parents. For Grade 9 to 11 courses, we deduct $49 and for Grade 12 courses, we deduct $99 and refund the rest within the first three days of enrollment. We understand that sometimes, despite having all the necessary information, the online course might not be a right fit for you. We ask you to communicate this with us in an honest and timely manner. We deduct the fee so we can compensate our admin members fairly for creating your student account.
  • Relevant Course Content: We review and revise our course content on a regular basis to ensure that what you learn in the online classroom applies to what is happening in our country. For example, in the International Business course, you will be asked to comment on the ongoing NAFTA negotiations between Canada, USA, and Mexico. In the Fashion course, you will be asked to comment on Canada’s Olympic Team outfit. In English course, you will read and analyze literacy pieces from the Aboriginal people. In Mathematics and Science courses, you will learn about the contribution of past and present Canadians.
  • Meeting OSSD RequirementsWe offer elective as well as compulsory credit courses that count towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Whether you need to meet your literacy requirement through completion of the literacy course or need an elective such as Nutrition and Health to meet your college/university admission requirements, you can easily browse for the course of your choice on our website and register in less than 5 minutes.
  • Committed Team: We have a great team here. Our instructors are all graduates of the Ontario College of Teachers. They go through extensive training and mentorship and their performance is reviewed and rewarded. They are always an email or a live session away from helping you understand the course concepts better. Our admin team works Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to make sure that your students and parents inquiries are replied in a timely manner.

We are not perfect but we aim to be our best every day ?. Contact us today to learn more about our online Grade 9 to 12 and how we might be a right choice for your secondary education.