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A Quick Guide to Reach Ahead Credit

What is a “Reach Ahead” Credit?   The Ontario Schools (2016) states in section that: “Under exceptional circumstances, an individual student in Grade 8, with parental consent, may be given permission by the principal of a secondary school to “reach ahead” to take secondary school courses, either during the school year or in the summer

Why some Students need to Plagiarize

Critical Thinking and Ontario Schools A recent student of ours was caught copying the main information in their essay from various dubious internet sources. We found this upsetting on many levels. One disheartening aspect of this situation is that beyond the dishonesty the student did not truly comprehend their reasons for the plagiarism. They didn’t

Online Bullying: Don’t Be a Victim and Don’t Be a Bully

Getting away from the constant threat of bullying can be one of the reasons to leave a traditional learning environment. If you do see yourself as a victim, you may not feel empowered to fight back. Bullies can make our lives quite miserable. Not only do our grades begin to suffer, but so does our self-esteem and not


Anxiety and School Refusal in Adolescents

It is not uncommon for students to occasionally skip class or not want to participate in school activities. You can just chalk it up to the teenage antics, drama, and moodiness. If a student continuously withdraws from school, especially the more social aspects, it can be a cause for concern. The problem may actually be